Barrackville Covered Bridge, SR 21 over Buffalo Creek, West Virginia Covered Bridges TR (3/30/73)[1]


Colonial Apartments, 2 East Garden Lane (7/26/06)

Dunbar School, 103 High St. (4/28/15)

Fairmont Downtown Historic District, Along Adams, Washington, Quincy, Cleveland, and Fairmont Avenues (8/15/95) [94]

Fairmont Normal School Administration Building, (Fairmont State Admin Bldg) Jct of Locust Avenue and Bryant Street (3/28/94) [1]

Fairmont Senior High School, 1 Loop Park (3/22/02)

Fleming-Watson Historic District, roughly bounded by Fairmont Ave, 2nd, Fay Streets, Apple Court, Green, Emerson Streets, Coleman Avenue, 7th Street, and Outlook (11/29/01)

Thomas W. Fleming House, (Woman’s Club of Fairmont)300 1st Street (8/29/79) [1]

“High Gate”(James E. Watson House), 801 Fairmont Avenue (4/15/82) [2]

High Level Bridge (“Million Dollar Bridge”), Jefferson Street, crossing the Monongahela River (12/4/91) [1]

Jacobs-Hutchinson Block, (People’s Bank) 201-209 Adams Street (7/21/95) [1]

Marion County Courthouse and Sheriff’s Residence, Adams and Jefferson Streets (5/29/79) [2]

Masonic Temple, 320 Jefferson Street (4/9/93) [1]

Miller, Thomas C., Public School, 2 Pennsylvania Ave. (5/8/13)

Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, 501 Cleveland Avenue (7/13/2023) [2]

Shaw House, 425 Morgantown Avenue (9/14/88) [4]

Woodlawn Cemetery, 335 Maple Avenue (4/14/04)


Mannington Historic District, Roughly bounded by High, Clarksburg and Howard Streets and Buffalo Circle (11/22/95) [207]

Wilson School, 917 E. Main Street (11/29/01)

Mannington Vicinity

Hamilton Round Barn, CR 11, Round and Polygonal Barns of West Virginia TR, (7/9/85) [1]

Montana Vicinity

Jacob Prickett, Jr. Log House, S of Montana off CR 72, near Prickett’s Fort State Park (4/20/79) [1]

Prickett Bay Boat Launching (Prickett’s Fort), 5 miles E of Fairmont on CR 72 off SR 73, Prickett’s Fort State Park (2/12/74) [1]


George P. Morgan House, County 19/3 (5/1/03)