Our Mission

The mission of the State Arts Office of the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History (WVDACH) and the West Virginia Commission on the Arts (WVCA) is to foster a fertile environment for the artistic, cultural, educational and economic development of the state. We believe active participation in and enjoyment of the arts are fundamental to sustaining quality community life by providing an abundant and creative environment for businesses to flourish throughout the state.

Strategic Plan for 2024 -2029

Our Vision

We envision a state where the arts are thriving and celebrated — where those vibrant communities that have made the arts vital to their way of life are inspiring their surrounding communities to do likewise. We envision a state where the arts are accessible to all and policy makers, stakeholders and the public fully recognize and enjoy the educational, economic and cultural impact of the arts, creative people and creative enterprise.

West Virginia Commission on the Arts


Zachary Abraham, Chair – Triadelphia
Amanda Bridgette – Poca
Dr. Peter Chirico – Huntington
Caleb David – Charleston
Becky Deem-McGinnis – Vienna
Charles Friddle, III – Elkins
Susan Hogan – Wheeling
Michael Knepper – Inwood
Margaret Mary Layne – Huntington
Charles Mathena – Princeton
Danielle McCracken – Wheeling
Cindy McGhee – Charleston
Randall Reid-Smith (Curator) – Barboursville
Brooke Smolder – Scott Depot
Matthew Umstead – Martinsburg
Shir Wooton – Beckley

Jenna Green, Acting Director of Arts

Core Beliefs of the Commission

  • All West Virginians deserve and benefit from access to the arts.
  • Engagement in the arts enriches quality of life.
  • Community-based art movements have a rippling effect.
  • The arts are a catalyst for promoting understanding among diverse cultures.
  • The arts support the development of a creative workforce.
  • The arts are an integral part of a vibrant economy.
  • The arts are essential to imagination, creativity and innovation.
  • The arts document our present and link us to our past.
  • The arts encourage innovation, creative problem solving, critical thinking, interdisciplinary teamwork and other aptitudes critical to college and career readiness.

Contact Us

The Arts Office is located in the Culture Center on the Capitol Complex. Contact us by phone at 304-558-0220, or contact individual staff by using the email links with each name in the staff list.

West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History
1900 Kanawha Boulevard East
Charleston, WV 25305