Welcome to the new Department of Arts, Culture and History employment opportunities page. Here we will post open opportunities for our Archives, Historic Preservation, Museums, Arts, Library, and Administration Sections. 

All State of West Virginia jobs must be applied for through the West Virginia Division of Personnel (DOP). To get started, please click the link below to the DOP Online Application Brochure. It provides a step by step guide to create an account and fill out applications.  Job opportunities on this page are separated into “External” and “Internal” job postings. If you are not and have not been a state employee, please apply to the External posting. If you are a current or former state employee, please apply using the Internal posting. Postings for the same job may appear in both sections.

How to Apply

If you experience any issues or have any questions, please feel free to contact our Director of Administration Sam Calvert at samuel.j.calvert@wv.gov or call us at (304) 558-0220. Be sure to check back periodically for new positions and keep an eye out for posts on our Facebook account.

Also, Volunteer West Virginia is one of our entities and is always looking for individuals interested in the AmeriCorps program. To apply for this opportunity please follow the link below.


External Job Opportunities Open to the Public

Archeologist 2 – Culture and History

Closes: 6/22/2023

Under general supervision, performs professional work in archeology at the advanced level. Duties involve planning and conducting research and excavation activities for prehistoric or early historic sites which are of special scientific interest or are imminently threatened by destruction. Performs related work as required. The Archeologist 2 is distinguished from the Archeologist 1 by an presence of such job functions as lead worker/supervisory responsibility and/or representing the division at professional functions. Performs in a consultant or technical expert role.

Archeologist 1 – Culture and History

Closes: 6/22/2023

Under the supervision of the Senior Archaeologist, review proposed projects submitted by the WV Dept. of Environmental Protection, office of surface mining, and other agencies for potential effects to archaeological resources and compliance with section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Duties include, but are not limited to, review of project specific information and cultural resource reports; preparation of recommendations about the need for archaeological survey or other field work. Drafting letters stating office comments regarding recommendations. Creating draft memorandum of agreement, scopes of work and/or other project related documents for acceptability. Participate in project related meetings and/or field visits. Assist in maintaining related records such as archaeological site forms. Assist with educational activities such as presentations. Position performs other duties as assigned.  

Cultural Program Associate – Culture and History

Closes: 6/22/2023

Under the general supervision of the Director of Museums, the Cultural Program Associate will provide friendly, informative public assistance to visitors of the West Virginia State Museum. The position will enhance the guest experience at the State Museum by providing a variety of services including meet & greets, offering information, assisting with way-finding, and making suggestions about various methods of viewing the exhibits. The position will be required to provide excellent customer service both in person and over the phone. The Cultural Program Associate will keep guests informed of upcoming programs and events at the museum that may be of interest. The position will be required to assist other museum staff with clerical tasks and museum projects as needed. Incumbents in this position will be required to work weekends and some evening shifts as needed. The position will perform other duties assigned.  

Cultural Program Coordinator – Culture & History

Closes: 6/22/2023

Under the general supervision of the Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, candidate will: create educational materials and coordinate additional staff educational efforts such as, but not limited to, a thirteen month calendar, “Details” newsletter (published twice yearly), posters, pamphlets, brochure materials, press release information, lesson plans, meetings and workshops related to historic preservation activities. Develop themes and content for calendars, posters and other materials, research and write text, edit text provided by other staff, work with staff to design, layout and distribute materials, organize meetings and workshops, provide presentations as well as coordinate staff involvement; maintain educational materials and provide to the public; review and monitor, as assigned, survey and planning grant activities. Will be responsible for continuing development, use and revision of the WV State Historic Preservation Plan: through such efforts as, but not limited to, reviewing existing plan every 5 years through a public evaluation process, developing or revising goals and objectives, evaluating success of current plan, ensuring compliance of annual work plan with the five year plan and evaluating impact of statewide planning activities at local, county and state levels to historic preservation efforts in West Virginia. Will also be responsible for continuing development and revision of historic context statements through the following activities, review of existing contexts, development of new contexts based upon archival research and evaluation of associated resource types and examples, and development of criteria for National Register eligibility based upon the context statement. will assist, as assigned, with Certified Local Government program activities including certification and training of local historic landmark commissions including technical assistance to members and interested persons. Position performs other duties as assigned. 

Cultural Program Manager – Culture and History

Closes: 6/22/2023

Under administrative direction, performs advanced level work overseeing the department needs in either the programming or administrative unit. Performs other related duties.

Cultural Program Specialist – Culture and History

Closes: 6/22/2023

Under general supervision, performs full-performance arts and humanities program specialist work. Applies a specific body of knowledge acquired through formal education and/or progressively responsible program work in the Division of Culture and History to prepare, coordinate, or consult on a variety of cultural presentations and events. Involves travel. Performs related work as required.

Historian 1 – Culture and History

Closes: 6/22/2023

The Historian I position is responsible for cataloging existing survey documentation and reviewing Historic Property Inventory (HPI) forms submitted to the office for correctness and completeness according to the National Register Criteria for Evaluation and the office’s survey manual. This includes adding forms to our county files and working with our GIS staff to transfer scanned forms to our website. The historian I position is also responsible for monitoring the completeness and correctness of  assigned survey and planning grants (survey projects and possibly National Register nominations). The historian I also accepts any written or electronic forms submitted to the office for Section 106 review and transfers them to our survey files. This person also works under the oversight of the National Register and Survey Coordinator.  Other duties as assigned. 

Historian 2 – Culture and History

Closes: 6/22/2023

Under general direction performs administrative and supervisory duties which contribute to the successful continuation of historic preservation and the protection of historical sites in West Virginia. Performs related work as required. The Historian 2 classification is distinguished from the Historian 1 by presence of administrative or supervisory duties and/or designation by the State Historic Preservation Officer as having an expert or advanced status.

Structural Historian – Culture & History

Closes: 6/22/2023

Under the supervision of the Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, review and analyze all submitted information submitted from federal/state agencies and other interested persons or organizations to confirm National Register eligibility and assess potential effect to historic resource as required by the State Historic Preservation Office in compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended, and 36 CFR 800, “The Protection of Historic Properties,” and WV Code 29- 1-8A and 82 CSR 2, “Standards and Procedures for Administering State Historic Preservation Programs.” Prepare related correspondence and other written documentation, such as draft memorandum of agreement. Conduct all necessary site visits representing the office as relating to the completion of these statutory requirements for the office. Apply appropriate Standards and Criteria as set forth by the National Park Service to evaluate National Register eligibility. Evaluate proposed scopes of work for the rehabilitation of historic buildings as appropriate according to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. Provide technical assistance regarding the rehabilitation of historic buildings according to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. Provide comments and assistance to state or federal agencies, private organizations or individuals regarding the completion of the Section 106 compliance process. Assist with the transfer of survey information and historic inventory forms generated from the review and compliance activities to the office’s Survey and National Register files. Monitor development grants and/or survey and planning grants as assigned. Position performs other duties as assigned.

Librarian 1 -Arts, Culture, and History – Library Commission

Closes: 6/23/2023

The research librarian provides professional reference and research services and innovates new services to library patrons (both on and off the state capitol complex); serves as one of the liaisons to agencies and libraries located on the state capitol complex, providing instruction, reference, collection development, and outreach activities as well as the creation and updating of tools, or tutorials; and participates in the creation, distribution, and assessment of resources, programs, and activities; participates directly and indirectly in instructional support; shares responsibility for building, maintaining and promoting collections that support state employees related search; and contributes to the profession by participating in continuing education courses, workshops, meetings, conferences, and other events. Provides research desk service and support; interviews library users regarding information sources and research strategies; answers general information and reference queries; establishes good public relations with library users; promotes use of library resources, services, and facilities; assists in maintaining the reference collection by weeding and selection; selects books for a designated area by reading journals and book reviews; teaches the use of the library; develops instructional materials, for both face-to-face and online; conducts library instruction sessions and tours to acquaint customers with resources and facilities available in the library. Master’s degree in Library Science from a program accredited by the American Library Association (ALA). Good verbal and written communication skills. Good technology skills. Performs other duties as assigned.

Librarian 2 – Arts, Culture, and History – Library Commission

Closes: 6/23/2023

Under general supervision, the Youth Services Librarian is responsible for planning, implementing, and coordinating programs with library staff that serve to encourage reading and educational activities for children and teens. This position is a critical part of library development, which supports the work of public libraries across the state through consultation services in all areas of public library operations per the objectives of the Library Services & Technology Act Strategic Plan. Position will plan and coordinate statewide reading programs for children and teens, and cultivate partnerships with other state and community organizations in an effort to benefit youth. Advise, educate, and support local libraries in best practices and trends in library service delivery and management. Position performs other duties as assigned. 

Internal Job Opportunities Open to Current or Former State Employees

Human Resources Associate

Closes: 6/13/2023

Under general supervision of the Director of Administration, the Human Resources Associate is responsible for processing payroll and benefits for the Department of Arts, Culture and History. This position also assists with timekeeping for the division, ensuring entries by employees into the timekeeping system UKG are done correctly.  They will sign off on bi-weekly time sheets and enter time sheets for temporary employees.  Audit employee time and leave balances and run reports to ensure funding for payroll.  This position also serves as the benefits coordinator, signing new employees up for insurance and retirement plans, processing changes for current employees in Human Resources Management (HRM)/Payroll, concerning all benefit programs. Processes certifications for retirees through Compass.  Position works closely with Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA), Fringe Benefits Management Company (FBMC), and Consolidated Public Retirement Board (CPRB).  Duties also include coordinating yearly open enrollment for PEIA, monitoring PEIA, FBMC, and CPRB website for monthly billings and paying invoice balances using Financial Internal Exchange Transaction (IET) in OASIS.  Processes Division of Personnel fees for permanent and temporary employees quarterly.  Maintains personnel files.  Will process various personnel and position transactions in WVOASIS during the absence of the HR Generalist 2.  Must have working knowledge of WVOASIS HRM/Payroll and UKG.  Position performs other duties as assigned.

Procurement Specialist 

Closes: 6/16/2023

Under general supervision of the Director of Administration, the Procurement Specialist will oversee all procurement for the Department of Arts, Culture and History, to include Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex, Independence Hall, Camp Washington Carver, and the Culture Center; coordinate procurement activities and processing necessary to maintain supplies, equipment and services, construction, and the efficient operation of the Department; ensure that all purchasing transactions are in compliance with state purchasing guidelines, state code and federal regulations, and be a resource to ensure compliance; prepare purchasing documents, proposals, requests for information, expressions of interest and design/build contracts. Schedule and attend pre-bid meetings, collect bids, secure bids, hold public bid openings, prepare bid tabulations, and review bids for requirements of requisition; develop extensive purchasing and contacts, both internal and external to state government; use discretion and independent judgment to select cost-effective goods/services within prescribed parameters;  consult and advise other staff as needed on purchasing matters; track expenditures, commitments and purchase orders and notify staff/directors of any concerns or problems; process purchasing documents in accordance with policy and procedure and are met in a timely manner; coordinate financial matters with the Director of Administration; assist Director of Administration in developing commodities or services provided by vendor to assure conformity to user specifications; establishes and/or maintains an inventory control system and a records retention and disposal system including surplus property and fixed assets, recommends policy changes and/or policies in the area of property control, acquisition and/or management; coordinate and maintain all maintenance and rental contracts; prepares technical or statistical reports. Must have knowledge of the State Purchasing laws, rules and special authorizations and other methods to secure goods; ability to establish and maintain a congenial working relationship with a variety of employees and general public; ability to communicate both orally and in writing; ability to operate computer and general office equipment. Must have working knowledge of WV OASIS. Position Performs other duties as assigned.