The Culture Center
State Capitol Complex
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, WV 25305-0300

Randall Reid-Smith

Andrea Thompson
Deputy Commissioner

Executive Assistant to the Commissioner

(All phone numbers are area code 304)



Director:Sam CalvertSam Calvert
Human Resources CoordinatorVacantVacant
Section Support
Receptionist:John Kesler[email protected]
Financial Services/Payroll
Accountant/Auditor II:Deidra Silva[email protected]
Accounting Technician:Christina Burns[email protected]
Fairs & Festivals Grants Manager :Rhoda Withrow[email protected]
Procurement Officer:Cara Suppa[email protected]
Payroll and Benefit Coordinator:Terri Harwood[email protected]
Events/Festival Manager:Adam Jones[email protected]
Cultural Program Specialist and Room Booking Coordinator:VacantVacant
Cultural Program Associate:Todd Chapman[email protected]
Cultural Program Associate:Randy Pauley[email protected]
Facility OperationsMark Lynch[email protected]
Systems Facility Manager:
Technical Services
Manager:Doug Litton[email protected]
Technicians:Roy Dolin[email protected]
Ed Mucklow[email protected]
Jack Bostic[email protected]
Building Maintenance
Maintenance workers:Billy Smith[email protected]
George Mong[email protected]
Steven Broughton[email protected]
Custodian Services
Supervisor:Carl Jenkins[email protected]
Custodians:Kennedy Banks[email protected]
Gordon Keene[email protected]
Jon Chapman[email protected]
Zane Garrett[email protected]
Nathan Prochnow[email protected]

Archives and History


Director:Aaron Parsons[email protected]
Secretary:Maggie Linsky[email protected]
Archivist:Charles Ocheltree[email protected]
Historian/Archivist:Mary Johnson[email protected]
Audiovisual Archivist:Richard Fauss[email protected]
Photo Archivist:vacantvacant
History Bowl Coordinator:Matt McGrew[email protected]
Microfilm Specialist:Harold Newman[email protected]
Historian:Randy Marcum[email protected]
Library Manager/Assistant Director:Debra Basham[email protected]
State Documents Specialist:Bethany Arbaugh[email protected]
Research Specialist:Royce Diehl[email protected]
Research Specialist:Michela Ocheltree[email protected]
Research Specialist:VacantVacant
Librarian:Matt Dailey[email protected]
Librarian:Michael Shock[email protected]
County Records
ArchivistDenise Ferguson[email protected]
SpecialistKyle Campbell[email protected]

State Museum


Director:Charles Morris, III[email protected]
Museum Operations Manager:VACANTVACANT
Collections Coordinator:Breana Caltrider[email protected]
Collections Curator:James Mitchell[email protected]
Collections Technician:Mary McFarland[email protected]
Exhibits Coordinator:Laiken Blankenship[email protected]
Touring Exhibits:Darren Husband[email protected]
Tour Supervisor:Amber Gore[email protected]
Tour Guide:Gracie Welch[email protected]
Tour Guide (Part-Time):Risa Mellert[email protected]
Museum Education Coordinator:Nathan Barner[email protected]
Education Specialist:Bradley Crum[email protected]
Systems Specialist:Pat Arnold[email protected]
Guest Services (Team Leader):Jesse Jenkins[email protected]
Guest Services:John Holcomb[email protected]
Guest Services:Shannon Cook[email protected]
Guest Services:Rachel Keeney[email protected]

West Virginia Independence Hall 304-238-1300  
Site Manager:Deborah J. Jones[email protected]
Building Maintenance:Paul Desmond[email protected]
Security and Information:Susan E. Warren[email protected]

Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex 304-843-4128   
Site Manager:Jeremy Kohus[email protected]
Cultural Program Coordinator:Andrea Keller[email protected]
Accounting:Heidi Sampson[email protected]
Building Maintenance:Suelynn Howe[email protected]
Lead Curator:Dr. Olivia Jones[email protected]
Curator:Hank D. Lutton[email protected]

Camp Washington-Carver 304-438-3005  
Site Manager:James Hess[email protected]
Building Maintenance:Gene Goins[email protected]
Building Laborer:Kenny Ramsey[email protected]
Receptionist:Lisa Cochran[email protected]



Director:Lance Schrader[email protected]
Grants Coordinator:Barbara Smoot[email protected]
Community Arts Coordinator:Cedrick Farmer[email protected]
Cultural Facilities Grant Coordinator, ADA and Section 504 Coordinator:Jenna Green[email protected]
Individual Artist Coordinator:Elizabeth A. Yeager[email protected]
Arts in Education Coordinator:Jim Wolfe[email protected]
Administrative Secretary :Paul Neil[email protected]

State Historic Preservation Office


Director – Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer:Susan Pierce[email protected]
Office Manager Section 106 – Assistant to Director:VacantVacant
Grants Coordinator – Development and Survey & Planning Grants:Christina Moore[email protected]
Historian – National Register and Architectural Survey:Cody Straley[email protected]
Archaeologist – Section 106 review – Cemetery Inventory:Carolyn Kender[email protected]
Information System Coordinator – GIS System Administrator & IT Coordinator:Susan Wood[email protected]
Tax Credit – Certified Local Government Coordinator:Meredith Dreistadt[email protected]
Senior Archaeologist – Section 106 review – State Archaeological Permits:Lora A. Lamarre-DeMott[email protected]
Planning and Education Coordinator:John Adamik[email protected]
Structural Historian – Coordinator National Register and Architectural Survey:VacantVacant
Archaeologist – Section 106 review – DEP projects :VacantVacant
Structural Historian – Section 106 Review: Kent Walker[email protected]
Structural Historian – Section 106 Review:Benjamin Riggle[email protected]
Structural Historian – Section 106 Review:Stephen Gifford[email protected]



Manager:Andrea Thompson[email protected]
Cultural Program Assistant:Andrea Nelson[email protected]
Production Coordinator:VacantVacant
Graphic Designer:Steven Holsclaw[email protected]
Photographer:Stephen Brightwell[email protected]
Public Information SpecialistKris Bowyer[email protected]

Goldenseal Magazine

Editor:Stanley Bumgardner[email protected]
Assistant Editor:Joseph Aluise[email protected]