Athens Vicinity

Colonel William Henderson French House, S of Athens off SR 20 (3/12/76) [1]


Bluefield Downtown Commercial Historic District, Roughly bounded by Princeton Avenue, Scott, High, and Russell Streets (3/18/87) [73]

Hancock House (Alpha House), 300 Sussex Street (1/17/90) [1]

Municipal Building of Bluefield, 514 Bland Street (5/29/79) [1]

President’s Home, Bluefield State College, Rock Street (12/3/99) [2]

Country Club Hill Historic District, Along Whitehorn, Lebanon and Liberty Streets [51] South Bluefield MPS (11/5/1992)

Easley House, 1500 College Avenue [2] South Bluefield MPS

First Baptist Church of Bluefield, 100 Duhring Street (8/8/2023) [1]

Jefferson Street Historic District, Along Jefferson Street between Cumberland Road and College Avenue [63] South Bluefield MPS (7/29/1992)

South Bluefield Historic District, Along Mountain View, Bland Road, Oakhurst and Parkway [84] South Bluefield MPS (7/29/1992)

Upper Oakhurst Historic District, Along Oakhurst, Groveland, Edgewood and Mountain View [37] South Bluefield MPS (7/29/1992)


Bramwell Historic District, Main Rose, Bloch, Duhring, Wyatt, Church, N and S River Streets (2/10/83) [69]

Bramwell Additions Historic District, Along Bluestone Avenue, SW of US 92 (8/3/95) [166]

Bramwell Additions Historic District (boundary increase), Parts of Bluestone Avenue, Clifton Street, Renova Street, Simmons Ave., and Spring St. (5/5/05)

Bramwell Additions Historic District (Additional Documentation) – Parts of Bluestone Ave., Clifton St., Renova St., Simmons Ave., Simmons St., and Spring St., Bramwell, Mercer County. Added on October 14, 2022


Dr. James W. Hale House (Temple Knob), 1034 Mercer Street (3/12/76) [1] (DEMOLISHED)

Mercer County Courthouse, Courthouse Square, Main Street (11/28/80) [1]

Dr. Robert B. McNutt, 1522 Walker Street, (7/25/01) [2]

Virginian Railway Historic District, 0.5 miles north of junction of WV 20 and RR tracks (5/1/03)

Mercer Street Historic District, Mercer Street between North First Street and North Street (10/17/03)

Princeton Post Office, 920 Mercer St., July 6, 2020