Athens Vicinity

Colonel William Henderson French House, S of Athens off SR 20 (3/12/76) [1]


Bluefield Downtown Commercial Historic District, Roughly bounded by Princeton Avenue, Scott, High, and Russell Streets (3/18/87) [73]

Hancock House (Alpha House), 300 Sussex Street (1/17/90) [1]

Municipal Building of Bluefield, 514 Bland Street (5/29/79) [1]

President’s Home, Bluefield State College, Rock Street (12/3/99) [2]

Country Club Hill Historic District, Along Whitehorn, Lebanon and Liberty Streets [51] South Bluefield MPS (11/5/1992)

Easley House, 1500 College Avenue [2] South Bluefield MPS

Jefferson Street Historic District, Along Jefferson Street between Cumberland Road and College Avenue [63] South Bluefield MPS (7/29/1992)

South Bluefield Historic District, Along Mountain View, Bland Road, Oakhurst and Parkway [84] South Bluefield MPS (7/29/1992)

Upper Oakhurst Historic District, Along Oakhurst, Groveland, Edgewood and Mountain View [37] South Bluefield MPS (7/29/1992)


Bramwell Historic District, Main Rose, Bloch, Duhring, Wyatt, Church, N and S River Streets (2/10/83) [69]

Bramwell Additions Historic District, Along Bluestone Avenue, SW of US 92 (8/3/95) [166]

Bramwell Additions Historic District (boundary increase), Parts of Bluestone Avenue, Clifton Street, Renova Street, Simmons Ave., and Spring St. (5/5/05)


Dr. James W. Hale House (Temple Knob), 1034 Mercer Street (3/12/76) [1] (DEMOLISHED)

Mercer County Courthouse, Courthouse Square, Main Street (11/28/80) [1]

Dr. Robert B. McNutt, 1522 Walker Street, (7/25/01) [2]

Virginian Railway Historic District, 0.5 miles north of junction of WV 20 and RR tracks (5/1/03)

Mercer Street Historic District, Mercer Street between North First Street and North Street (10/17/03)

Princeton Post Office, 920 Mercer St., July 6, 2020