Fidler’s Mill, Heaston Ridge Road (11/24/97) [1]


Agnes Howard Hall, WV Wesleyan College Campus, (8/18/83) [1]

Buckhannon Central Residential Historic District, roughly bounded by College Ave., S. Kanawha, Madison, & E. Main Sts. (4/16/12)

Downtown Buckhannon Historic District, Portions of E. and W. Main, N. and S. Florida, Locust, N. and S. Kanawha and Spring Sts. (12/31/09)

William Post Mansion, 8 Island Ave (7/13/93) [12]

Southern Methodist Church, Upshur County Historic Center, 81 W Main St (7/29/92) [1]

French Creek

French Creek Presbyterian Church, CR 2 (12/24/74) [1]