Gormania Presbyterian Church, Mabis Avenue .10 mi. S. of US 50 (9/7/05)

Lahmansville Vicinity

Noah Snyder Farm, 1.5 miles S of Lahmansville on CR 5 (6/10/75) [1] South Branch MRA


Hermitage Motor Inn, Virginia Avenue, South Branch MRA (1/14/86) [1]

Grant County Courthouse, Virginia Avenue South Branch MRA (10/26/1979)

Petersburg Vicinity

“The Manor” (Peter and Jesse Hutton Farm), N of Petersburg on SR 42 (12/18/75) [15]

Rohrbaugh Cabin (Allegheny Cabin), Smokehole Road (SR 28/11), 3 miles S of junction with SR 28/55, Monongahela National Forest (11/3/93)