ALL applicants must have a completed and correct W9 on file with the state to be a registered vendor. There is no fee to register.

IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME RECEIVING A GRANT OR OTHER STATE FUNDS, you can complete this step electronically. Go to, and click on the blue box that says VSS Portal. Set up a login name and password. Complete the registration process. At the end, you’ll receive a vendor number. Make sure the name and address used in this registration process is an identical match to what you used in setting up EFT.

Existing vendors should use to confirm their actual legal name and other details. The name MUST appear exactly as you have registered, or the State Auditor’s office will not be able to issue grant payments.


Please note that this step can be completed ONLY once an entity or individual is a registered vendor.

Go to Scroll down to the second box that says “The West Virginia Vendor Self Service (VSS) portal.
Click on the blue link that says Register for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
On this page, under Payroll Forms/Calendars click on the “Company eVendor Agreement (setup)”. This will open the form that you will need to complete. The form must be printed and mailed to the address listed on the form. Directions are also included.
For arts grants applicants or grantees, take note of the information below:

  • For number 1, use the individual or legal business name EXACTLY as registered with the IRS. Failure to do so will result in delays in any payments.
  • For number 4, both individuals and organizations should use the mailing address where grant materials and payments can be sent.