CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Nine young artists have been selected as winners in the annual Congressional Art Competition, which is on display in the Balcony Gallery of the Culture Center, State Capitol Complex, in Charleston until April 30. The exhibition is sponsored by the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History (WVDACH), in partnership with the West Virginia Congressional Delegation.

On Friday, March 4, WVDACH Museum Director Charles Morris and Exhibits Coordinator Laiken Blankenship welcomed guests and introduced Susie Azevedo, representing Congressman Alex Mooney, and Teri Booth, representing Congresswoman Carol Miller. 

First-place awards were presented to Lauren Seti,Bridgeport High School, Harrison County, District 1; Jaelyn Perry,Nitro High School, Kanawha County, District 2; and Kendra Fischer,Spring Valley High School, Cabell County, District 3. The first-place winners received a $100 gift certificate from Dick Blick Art Materials, and their work will represent West Virginia in a yearlong Congressional Art Competition exhibition at the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. 

An additional three second-place winners and three third-place winners received awards – Caleb Roselius,Robert C. Byrd High School, Harrison County, District 1, 2nd place; Sadi Painter, George Washington High School, Kanawha County, District 2, 2nd place; Gracie Hines,Webster County High School, Webster County, District 3, 2nd place; Connor Buffington,Bridgeport High School, Harrison County, District 1, 3rd place; Malakai Smith,Nitro High School, Kanawha County, District 2, 3rd place; and Elsa Meade, Huntington High School, Cabell County, District 3, 3rd place. Second-place and third-place winners received a $50 gift certificate from Dick Blick Art Materials.

The Congressional Art Exhibition consists of 140 pieces by 110 students, grades 7-12, from 12 West Virginia counties.

Each spring, the Congressional Institute sponsors a nationwide high school visual-art competition to recognize and encourage artistic talent in the nation and in each congressional district. Since the competition began in 1982, more than 650,000 high school students have participated. The competition is sponsored by members of the United States Congress.

A complete list of students whose work is included in the exhibition is below.

For more information, contact Laiken Blankenship, exhibits coordinator for the department, at (304) 558-0220 or

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All Photo Credits: Stephen Brightwell, West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History

2022 Congressional Youth Art Competition Exhibit (listed by district and county)



Bridgeport High School 

Art Teacher: Courtney Rankin

Morgan Grose (Grade 8)

An Anatomical Figure Suspended in Time – Pencil

Kailey Wilfong (Grade 12)

Expectations – Gouache

Tighe Coleman (Grade 11)

Azaro – Charcoal

Creature Study: Beaked Sand Walker –Mixed Media

Lauren Seti (Grade 11)

*Wild, Wonderful, and Woodburn – Pen (1st place)

Connor Buffington (Grade 12)

*Peering Stone – Charcoal (3rd place)

Morgan Sprouse (Grade 11)

How to be a Good Person – Gouache

Robert C. Byrd High School 

Art Teacher: Katy Crim 

Izzy Simmons (Grade 12)

Private Radio – Screen Print

Steven Morris (Grade 12)

Friend – Acrylic

Caylee Nesbit (Grade 10)

Anomalies – Acrylic

Jadeah Lownsberry (Grade 11)

See Into My Spirit – Collage

Caleb Roselius (Grade 9)

*Serio Antonio – Collage (2nd place)

Julian Fazzini (Grade 11)

Self-Made – Collage

Ava Waniak (Grade 9)

Macabre M.E.D. – Mixed Media

Jane Hayes (Grade 12)

Crazy Horse – Mixed Media

Keilana Kriner (Grade 9)

London Town – Watercolor

Taylor Arnett (Grade 10)

Into the Arboretum – Oil Pastel

Bryce Johnson (Grade 12)

Urban Entity – Acrylic


Clay-Battelle Middle/High School 

Art Teacher: Jennifer Norberg-Bowers

Drew Snyder (Grade 9)

Leaf Pile – Photography

Lilliana Wolfe (Grade 9)

Sunset – Photography

Pony Yost (Grade 12)

Water’s Reflection – Photography

Chloe Sharpless (Grade 9)

Tropical Greenery Mountains – Acrylic

Anna Goroslieta (Grade 11)

Inky Ixora – Photography

Sunset Divine – Photography

Summer Reminiscence – Photography

Makayla Satterfield (Grade 10)

My Faith – Photography

Madison Willard (Grade 10)

Dewy Caterpillar – Photography

Ladybug Dreams – Photography

Morgantown High School 

Art Teacher: Jooyun “Joanne” Pyune

Rania Zuri (Grade 11)

Golden Ratio of Beauty: The Danger of False Perfection in Social Media – Mixed Media 

Fractured: The Destruction of Self-Esteem Due to Social Media – Mixed Media


Williamstown High School

Art Teacher: Tim Spindler

Alayna Garst (Grade 10)

A New Kind of Happy…Birthday – Mixed Media

The Power of Coal is Gone with the Wind – Mixed Media



Musselman High School 

Art Teacher: Melissa Burton

Kyle Bass (Grade 10)

The Railroad of Harper’s Ferry -Photography

The Mountain’s View of Harper’s Ferry – Photography

Abby Brill (Grade 10)

Yellow Lamborghini – Photography

Dahi Wiltshire (Grade 12)

Secrets of the Woods- Mixed Media

Amanda Hugas (Grade 11)

Grasp to Change – Digital Art

Jayme Stuckey (Grade 11)

Worth a Thousand Words -Photography

Mikaela Grace Tyson (Grade 10)

Girl in Pink and Purple – Photography

Alexia McKenzie Parker (Grade 10)

Submerged in Silence – Photography


Capital High School

Art Teacher: Christina Frye

Cindy Zhu (Grade 11)

Valley Skies – Watercolor

End of the Day, and I’m Tired – Oil Paint

The Vibrancy of Human Eyes – Oil Paint

Jessi Lin (Grade 11)

A Strange City – Acrylic

Will Sammons (Grade 11)

Simplicity – Pastel

Bonnie Groce (Grade 11)

Focus – Watercolor

Thomas Ward (Grade 11)

Instability – Technical pens

George Washington High School

Art Teacher: Christy Pennington

Aillea Elkins (Grade 12)

Redemption – Mixed Media 

A Life in Color – Mixed Media

Juli Muldoon (Grade 12)

Three Faces of Me – Mixed Media

Old Woman – Oil Paint

Heidi Winter Mundy (Grade 11)

Close Up – Mixed Media and

Lost Time – Oil Pastel

Jessica Tenney (Grade 12)

Allie’s Lemurs – Watercolor

Sadi Painter (Grade 10)

*Glass Remembrances – Acrylic (2nd place)

Rohen Jones (Grade 11)

Chicken – Acrylic

Chase Henderson (Grade11)

Field of Thorns- Mixed Media

Eat ‘Til Your Heart’s Content – Mixed Media

Iva Reed (Grade 11)

Beyond – Watercolor

Everlasting – Acrylic

Buaur Rashrash (Grade 11)

Suhila Sawesi – Oil Pastel

Amazing Woman – Paper Collage

Katherine Pence (Grade10)

Felix Says Purr – Scratchboard

Island Time – Watercolor

Emma Carpenter (Grade 12)

Flight of Luck – Mixed Media

Monrene Ross (Grade 12)

Masks of Africa – Pen and Ink

Hurtfulness of my Happiness – Mixed Media

Emma Walker (Grade 12)

Daughters of the Poppy – Acrylic

The Painful Choice of Comedic Cover-ups – Watercolor Resist

Samir Jones (Grade 10)

Dream State – Oil Pastel

Fish – Watercolor

Ariana Viso (Grade 11)

Looking Back – Oil Paint

Surprise – Mixed Media

Julianne Ho (Grade 11)

Snow White With the Red Hair –Tempera Paint

Under the Surface– Mixed Media

Art Teacher: Puvanam Path

Archana Krishnathas (Grade 9)

Eye – Charcoal

Ganesha – Pencil

Herbert Hoover High School

Art Teacher: Niesha Shank

Haylee Wilson (Grade12)

Troubled Trio – Black Gel Pen

Home School

Art Teacher: Michael McDonald

Madeline McDonald (Grade 7)

Day at the Beach – Digital Drawing

Nitro High School

Art Teacher: Danielle Hunt

Kyrstin Showalter (Grade 12)

Peace – Acrylic

Audrey Moles (Grade 11)

Emotions– Mixed Media

Gracie Skeens (Grade 11)

Owl Portrait – Acrylic

Dalaney Hill (Grade 12)

Watercolor Architecture Study – Watercolor

Bird Portrait – Acrylic

Delaney Corlis (Grade 12)

Lovesong – Mixed Media

Arizona – Colored Pencil

Alexis Lightner (Grade 11)

Beaded Mosaic – Beads

Watercolor Angelfish – Watercolor

Lauren Spencer (Grade 10)

Cardboard Sculpture – Mixed Media

Judith – Acrylic

Karmen Hogan (Grade 11)

Floral Linocut – Block Print

Melody Zhang (Grade 10)

Mixed Media Collage – Mixed Media

Parody – Mixed Media

Abigail Carre (Grade 10)

Flatwoods Monster – Charcoal

Allison Unger (Grade 12)

Mixed Media Collage – Mixed Media

Mason Lockman (Grade 11)

Zodiac Orchid – Colored Pencil

Bird Portrait – Colored Pencil

Addisyn Miller (Grade 10)

Still-Life– Colored Pencil

Luz Elena Martinez (Grade 12)

Mixed Media Paper Collage – Mixed Media

Jaelyn Perry (Grade 12)

*Watercolor Landscape – Watercolor (1st place)

Cow in Flowers – Acrylic

Malakai Smith (Grade 11)

*Pisces – Copic Marker and Ink (3rd place)

Alyson Pennington (Grade 12)

Lunar Solitude – Acrylic


Poca High School 

Art Teacher: Cathy Thomas

McKenzie Bowman (Grade 12) 

Barn – Acrylic 

Danielle Carter (Grade 10)

Saturday Morning – Acrylic 



Huntington High School

Art Teacher(s): Marissa Main, Anthony Loveday and Diana Frazier

Elsa Meade (Grade 11)

*Cherry Blossoms – Acrylic (3rd place)

Stevie Culbreth (Grade 10)

Turquoise Beta – Acrylic

Mason Allen (Grade 9)

The Hen – Acrylic

Elsa Meade (Grade 11)

Just the Two of Us – Drawing

Aliyah Burnside (Grade 9)

Marcel – Drawing

Zachary Maynard (Grade 12)

Wonderland Flowers – Photography

Natasha Carpenter (Grade 10)

Everyone’s Hiding Something – Photography

Alexzya Willis (Grade 12)

Painterly Branches– Photography

Savannah Graham (Grade 10)

Yellow Jacket – Photography

Tessier Jolie (Grade 12)

Buzzing Around – Photography


Lincoln County High School

Art Teacher: Ashleigh Garrett

Kandi Meadows (Grade 9)

Bark – Acrylic

Kristen Egnor (Grade 11)

Lampshade Roots – Acrylic

Kandyce Porter (Grade 9)

My Mind – Chalk


Wahama Jr./Sr. High School 

Art Teacher: Susan Parrish

Sydney Burris (Grade 11)

Still Bliss – Mixed Media

Peyton Ingels (Grade 12)

Gus-Gus – Oil Paint

Roan – Digital Art

Joshua Roque (Grade 12)

He Who Ponders – Oil Paint


Nicholas County High School 

Art Teacher: Pam Cox

Olivia Short (Grade 12)

Observations – Mixed Media

Lacie Jones (Grade 12)

Turkey in the Wild – Acrylic


Spring Valley High School

Art Teacher: Sara Tess Hager

Brianna Bowen (Grade 12)

Sweet Serene Glow – Acrylic

Krysten Jarrell (Grade 11)

Natural Shine – Acrylic

Kendra Fischer (Grade 12)

*Afternoon Snooze – Watercolor (1st place)


Webster County High School 

Art Teacher: Pam Hall

Brooklyn Giles (Grade 11)

Garden Fresh – Acrylic

Gracyn Durham (Grade 7)

Memories – Pencil

Eleanor Narraway (Grade 8)

Upside-down World – Acrylic

My Universe – Mixed Media

Natalie Snyder (Grade 12)

The Joker – Acrylic

Abbigail Carpenter (Grade 12)

Aerial Tragedy – Acrylic

Chloe Hollmer (Grade 9)

TNBC – Colored Pencil

Kayleigh Garcia (Grade11)

The Mansion atop the Hill- Acrylic

Addison Hamrick (Grade 8)

Foggy Memories – Acrylic

Sarah Farlow (Grade 9)

Dreamy Sky – Acrylic

Gracie Hines (Grade 12)

*Clarity – Charcoal (2nd place)

Joslynn Casteel (Grade 8)

Tennessee Lights – Photography

Rebecca Mullens (Grade 12)

A Walk in a Day of Color – Chalk Pastels